About Harquahala Fire District



Located west of Phoenix, Harquahala Fire District covers 432 square miles. This coverage includes a 20-mile stretch of the I-10 Freeway.

Our team is made up of 15 full-time members aided by paid on call reserves, and three administration members. Harquahala Fire District uses a 48-hour on, 96-hour off rotation schedule with an A, B, and C shift. We are here to ensure the safety and security of those within our district.

Our department handles all medical issues, fires, hazardous material incidents, vehicle extractions, and other calls for assistance as needed within our district.

Additionally, the department serves as needed for backup on large incidents on the mutual aid system.



Jeff McMenemy Fire Chief jmcmenemy@hfdaz.org
Renee Haynes Office Manager rhaynes@hfdaz.org
Norma Turner Dept. Chaplin nturner@hfdaz.org


Troy Shepherd Captain / EMT-B   A-Shift
Dennis Blackman Captain / CEP      B-Shift
Rick Garcia Captain / EMT-B   C-Shift


Justin Corrigan FF / EMT-B
Christina Falbo FF / CEP
George Denny ENG / CEP
Nik Gazda FF /CEP
Tony Haugen ENG / EMT-B
Mike Holliday FF / EMT-B
Christina House FF / EMT-B
Kevin Pohlman FF / CEP
Brian Woodward ENG / EMT-B


Bart Dakowicz FF / EMT-B
Omar Flores FF / EMT-B
Brad Lerman FF / EMT-B
Brandon Huebsch FF / CEP
Andrew Majcher FF / EMT-B
Mac Marin FF / CEP
Justin Martin FF / CEP
Marcelo Martinez FF / EMT-B
Mike Medina FF / CEP
Eugene Orabuena FF / EMT-B
Samantha Reinhardt FF / EMT-B
Todd Reinhardt FF / CEP
Arnoldo Rivera FF / CEP
Mitchell Phillipy  FF / CEP
Emergency Medical Technician Basic
Certified Emergency Paramedic
Fire Fighter

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